Tuesday, March 6, 2007

From the Media Awareness Network

Can you tell it's Women's History Month yet? As the librarian liaison for both Communication and Women's Studies at WSU, I was happy to find that the Media Awareness Network (MNet) has a very nice section on Media Portrayals of Girls and Women.

I have a soft spot for MNet, and hopefully this quote from their site will tell you why:

    The idea behind our work
    MNet’s work is based on the belief that to be functionally literate in the world today – to be able to "read" the messages that inform, entertain and sell to us daily – young people need critical thinking skills.

In addition to addressing topics like Beauty and Body Image in the Media, Media Coverage of Women and Women's Issues, Media and Girls, and The Economics of Gender Stereotyping, the site offers links to "Related MNet Resources" and to "Recommended reading, viewing, surfing" on the left-hand menu. A very librarian-like thing to do, and perhaps another reason I like MNet.

Want more on women and media? I'll post soon on resources in the WSU Libraries, but for now, there's a good selection of resources on the Women & Media subject guide at the EBSS Library Resources for Communication Studies site.

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