Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Everyzing's coming up roses!

While at the ALA Midwinter conference in Philadelphia a couple weeks ago, a colleague recommended EveryZing (http://www.everyzing.com) as a useful tool for finding online media. Now that I've finally had some time to look at it (and now that I've heard some happy ravings from other librarians who work with communication studies), I'm very excited to share it with students and faculty. Need to find examples of news coverage on presidential candidates' environmental policies? EveryZing will hook you up. EveryZing can show you clips from major as well as local news channels on hundreds of topics, and it allows you some nice facets - News and Politics, Business, Technology, 2008 Presidential Election, Entertainment, etc. - to help narrow your searches.

Go play with it now. It's fun, useful, and free.

And thanks to Catherine Michael of Ithaca College and to Ken Liss of Boston College for inspiring me to start zinging!