Thursday, May 10, 2007

One thing I did today...

Librarianship is sometimes looked at as a sedentary profession. Picture a librarian in your head for a moment. Is s/he sitting at a computer, or calmly walking to a shelf to pull a book? Perhaps when you think of a librarian you picture someone who is standing by a patron's computer, offering help with a question.

If you were me, today, you'd be thinking of a librarian who is sweaty and bedraggled (but triumphant), the sort of person who'd just finished hauling donated books (seriously cool donated books, by the way) down four flights of stairs in small but heavy installments, because the building where the books were previously housed has an out-of-order elevator. After 22 times (yes, I counted) running up and down those stairs, I can feel my muscles growing as I type.