Monday, April 27, 2009

PSA Widget

From The White House Blog:

I know that flu epidemics can be serious and scary things, but I'm tickled that our administration is using blogs and widgets to communicate.

The "Things You Can Do" list is full of good common-sense type advice, and I recommend looking at it. Sometimes we really do need to be encouraged to stay home when we're sick.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sign mock-up #1

Here's the text:

While in the Libraries, remember that others are

created at

Please show consideration to those around you by keeping your conversations reasonably quiet.


Seems full of words to me, still, but I like the tag cloud image.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Signage ideas and examples?

Last year, after quite a bit of conversation, we decided to take down our "No Cell Phones in the Libraries" signs. Huzzah!

However, with no signs up about noise levels, there's been some confusion over whether or not phones are allowed and about noise in general. Now that Holland & Terrell Libraries are cell phone friendly, we need some signage to let people know that all conversations (IRL or on phones) need to be conducted with respect for surrounding students. I'd like to avoid going into specific noise levels in a way that might imply we're policing for noise, and I'd especially like something that promoted the idea that our library space is our patrons' space and that we trust them to make good choices.

I've been scanning the web and have found a few jumping off points (Many thanks to Aaron at Walking Paper for collecting so many great images of signs!), but any suggestions or examples would be greatly appreciated.

Ideally, the language should be clear and brief. Bonus points for humor and helpful images!