Friday, February 9, 2007

New Books in Communication at WSU Libraries

All books on this list are in the Holland and Terrell Libraries' collection. If you are curious about a title, please click on it to see further details and information on availability.

  • Agbese, Aje-Ori. The role of the press and communication technology in democratization.
    PN5499.N5 A53 2006
  • Applegate, Edd & Johnsen, Art. Cases in advertising and marketing management: real situations for tomorrow's managers.
    HF5823 .A7935 2007
  • Barrett, Mary & Davidson, Marilyn. Gender and communication at work.
    HD30.3 .G455 2006
  • Beder, Sharon. Free market missionaries: the corporate manipulation of community values.
    HD59 .B375 2006
  • Beeler, Stan & Dickson, Lisa. Reading Stargate SG-1.
    PN1992.77.S738 R43 2006
  • Berenger, Ralph D. Cybermedia go to war: role of converging media during and after the 2003 Iraq war.
    P96.I73 C93 2006
  • Cashmore, Ernest. Celebrity/culture.
    P94.6 .C376 2006
  • Castells, Manuel. Mobile communication and society: a global perspective: a project of the Annenberg Research Network on international communication.
    HM1206 .M62 2007
  • Crow, David. L →R: left to right; the cultural shift from word to pictures.
    P93.5 .C75 2006
  • DiFonzo, Nicholas. Rumor psychology: social and organizational approaches.
    HM1241 .D54 2007
  • Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research. Arab media in the information age.
    P92.A65 A73 2006
  • Finnegan, Lisa. No questions asked : news coverage since 9/11.
    PN4738 .F56 2007
  • Hachten, William A. The world news prism: global information in a satellite age.
    PN4784.F6 H3 2007
  • Hallock, Steven M. Editorial and opinion: the dwindling marketplace of ideas in today's news.
    PN4888.E28 H35 2007
  • Heffernan, James A. W. Cultivating picturacy: visual art and verbal interventions.
    P93.5 .H44 2006
  • Holden, Todd Joseph Miles & Scrase, Timothy J. Medi@sia: global media/tion in and out of context.
    P94.65.A78 M43 2006
  • Ickes, L. R. Public broadcasting in America.
    HE8689.7.P82 P833 2006
  • Klein, Allison. What would Murphy Brown do?: how the women of prime time changed our lives.
    PN1992.8.W65 K54 2006
  • Lavery, David. Reading Deadwood : a western to swear by.
    PN1992.77.D39 R43 2006
  • Lenard, Thomas M. & May, Randolph J. Net neutrality or net neutering: should broadband internet services be regulated.
    HE7781 .N46 2006
  • Mathews, Mary Beth Swetnam. Rethinking Zion: how the print media placed fundamentalism in the South.
    PN4888.F86 M38 2006
  • Mbaine, Adolf. Media in situations of conflict: roles, challenges, and responsibility.
    P96.W35 M43 2006
  • Moeran, Brian. Ethnography at work.
    HF6182.J3 M636 2006
  • Moore, Linda K. Emergency communications.
    TK6570.P8 M66 2007
  • Moran, Albert. Understanding the global TV format.
    HE8700.4 .M597 2006
  • Napoli, Philip M. Media diversity and localism: meaning and metrics.
    P96.E25 M39 2007
  • Partington, Alan. The linguistics of laughter: a corpus-assisted study of laughter-talk.
    P95.45 .P37 2006
  • Relke, Diana M. A. Drones, clones, and alpha babes: retrofitting Star Trek's humanism, post-9/11.
    PN1992 .8 S74 R47 2006
  • Rich, John. Warm up the snake: a Hollywood memoir.
    PN1992.4.R52 A3 2006
  • Schaefer, Todd M. & Birkland, Thomas A. Encyclopedia of media and politics.
    Reference P95.82.U6 E47 2007
  • Sheffield, Tricia. The religious dimensions of advertising.
    HF5821 .S49 2006
  • Sherr, Lynn. Outside the box: a memoir.
    PN4874.S472 A3 2006
  • Thussu, Daya Kishan. International communication: continuity and change.
    P96.I5 T48 2006
  • Toth, Elizabeth L. The future of excellence in public relations and communication management: challenges for the next generation.
    HD59 .F827 2007
  • Watson, James & Hill, Anne. Dictionary of media and communication studies.
    P87.5 .W38 2006
  • Weisman, Alan. Lone star: the extraordinary life and times of Dan Rather.
    PN4874.R28 W45 2006
  • Zelezny, John D. Cases in communications law: liberties, restraints, and the modern media.
    KF2750.A7 Z44 2007
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